1.when i am trying to pose the faces of TF2 characters i have this problem that makes them look like crap:
what should i do? do i make a ragdoll go nuts? like, waving its arms randomly or like in this video at 4:42: do i make the phys gun stronger? it is too weak for me… i have trouble lifting the heavy!
** do i make the phys gun work WITH OUT THE BEAM?**

5.if i`ll open a server using the “Create Online” button, other people will see the server in the server list and join it?

Here’s some responses, mind I’m not sure with 2 and 3.
[li]You need to use the sliders carefully. The faceposer is mainly meant for HL2 related characters.
[/li][li]I’m not sure, I think it’s something to do with the slider or ballsocket, someone else knows for sure.
[/li][li]There’s a console command. Again i can’t remember this, someone else will.
[/li][li]Q menu - options - turn off the beam
[/li][li]Maybe, it’s different for all people.

I know 2.

Attach either ballsockets and thrusters, or freeze part of them and easy weld their hands to something, like their face.