Noob, some questions about gmod :)

So, I just bought the garry’s mod + TF2 pack on Steam. Do I need to get portal and CS:S too to really enjoy garry’s mod, or is TF2 enough?

Also, I noticed somebody below me asked about essential addons, and the replies basically said that PHX thing and whateve, but are there any really fun space ship flying addons or anything, or super power addons?
What about a stripper dancing on a pole addon? JK. But really. Strippers?


Well you might want CS:S if you plan on downloading some custom maps, as many mappers use CS:S textures…if you don’t you’ll see a weird checkerboard pattern sometimes. Portal isn’t necessary for Gmod, but it does have some cool props so you might want to consider it as a bonus. As for other random addons, superpowered or otherwise: I personally recommend the latest version of the Ironman Swep, but you might find the others fun too. Oh and most mappers use Episodes 1 and 2 of Half-Life 2 for textures for their maps too…that’s almost a requirement if you’re downloading custom maps.

If you want a spaceship addon/gamemode, search the Gamemodes forum for “Spacebuild V3”.

Another question: When the game automatically downloads maps and textures and stuff to play a multiplayer game, do those addons stay in your files for enjoyment in singleplayer?

Yes, unless the file is too big or something else is wrong. The models, textures and maps will stay in singleplayer, but not LUA scripts and spawnlists.

Get CSS.

Yeah, I got CSS today. I’m gonna skip out on DoD and the zeno clash one. Too much money spent already.

All you get with Zeno Clash is something like 30 models and no maps. It really isn’t worth it.