Noobie needing help with new server

So I have just bought a rust server… Currently waiting for to install my server… already been 20 mins… I have heard rumors they they do not have a on site file manager… What programs should I use for FTP to backup/upload/change files quickly. Also… Where should I be installing mods/plugins… Should I be installing them under Magma v1.1.5/save/magma? IE /save/Magma/drop++ etc… etc…

Thank you for reading and all replies will have a reply from me.

Well I don’t know why you are using magma, I had that on a server that i admined a while back and it is trash compared to oxide. Unfortunately I don’t have any answers to your questions I was only an admin not the owner.

Pesonally, I use Windows ftp to transfer files. I’m more familiar with it and it is easier to deal with, imo.

You just need to setup a new network location with your ftp details. Those can be found in your admin panel in the config section.

I have heard that some people prefer to use Filezilla for ftp.

I agree with roughtimez, you should install Oxide. Magma is yesterday’s mod manager.

Once you have installed Oxide through the Gameserver’s control panel, run the server once to generate the config files. The config files are where you edit the mod settings.

These files can be found on your server’s root directory in the oxide folder. The mods go into the plugins directory and the configs are in the data folder.

I use Gameservers to host my server as well. Their customer service is top-notch.

If you decide to use Rusty, the remote rcon tool, and are able to get it working; please let me know here. I have been having problems with that program and no one can give me a straight answer on how to get it working.

Ivey, thats strange that gameservers do not have a file manager? must be a security thing I guess - Streamline has one, but as AK42 said, Filezilla is a pretty good client to use.

For modding, you can also consider RustEssentials as well as Oxide, but Magma is pretty much dead from what I hear.

AK what sort of issue are you having with Rusty?

I ended up getting Filezilla. Thank you

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I have rusty as well but i dont use that to make changes. The admin tools are generally nice.