Noobie protection

In an old game I used to play called darkfall they had a system in place called “Noobie protection” which is when a new player who has just purchased the game cannot be damaged for 24 hours. Obviously for this game it would be reduced to an hour or so but the idea is simple and effective. It will stop newbie greifing when the players first start and allow them to learn the game before they start dieing over and over again. This noobie protection could be removed if they attack a player for example to stop god mod noobs killing geared people.

suprisingly one hour ‘‘newbie’’ thing would probably help out the whiney people ALOT., even 30 minutes! just let them run around, get a 1x1 home and kill some animals… things people sometimes never get to do as a nudie in a high pop server. Condisering all the ‘‘pro players’’ are honestly just awful players who get assistance from teamates (meaning they only survive because of the numbers), this gives people ALONE and need time to find back up a fair start, (not everybody has a social life )

u get a thumbs up

Ask anyone who has gotten past being a bambi if they want any type of handicap. The answer is universally No.

Once you get past being on the bottom of the food chain you will see exactly why this game is so enjoyable.

you come from a stage where the servers were NOT as popular and large. I know EXACTLY where your coming from tho but the steam release will DRASTICALLY change things…this is coming from a very EXPERIENCED player. I hold my own in any pop and situation but I see its benefits

I am not disagreeing with you, although I have played on both low and high pop servers. The point of the game is survival so to nerf the aspects of having to survive is basically removing the gameplay from itself. I feel that the way it is now is the way it is supposed to be. It gives you a reason to team up and be cautious.

when the games further along i think such a handicap is kinda silly… but everybody agree’s the current map content doesn’t cater well to the large numbers. It’s just too small, plus the ‘‘groups’’ easily suck up popular resource area’s, hell my group alone on Germany 2 controls a VAST section. I almsot feel bad for the nubs =P

I am guessing the helicopter is going to serve as some kind of equalizer, but that is pure speculation on my part. If not an equalizer, then maybe at least a distraction for the big and/or powerful so that the rest can get their head above water.

Right now noobies are being spawn camped and cant really get into the game… newbie protection would minimize this

One of the main mechanics of rust, though, is getting on your feet from nothing.

But I do agree that servers should have the option to allow plays to turn on a ‘passive mode’ where you can’t be harmed by other players, and you also can’t harm other players.

this will also get rid of the need for communities to have separate dedicated servers for PvE and PvP

what happens when a ‘newbie’ who is a part of an established clan gets a m4 and kevlar with the first 10 minutes?

would you really want them to be invincible?

if someone in a multiplayer game is has the ability to be invincible, it would make the game developer a disgrace to have it so he can also give damage

You guys have to consider the point though. This game is meant to be realistic and have survival simulation aspects. Is magically being immune to damage in any way surviving? The game is made this way for a reason it is supposed to be hard and costly to play. You have to earn your keep and every single one of those “bandits” that kill bambis were all bambis at one point and went through the same grief, yet they are now equipped. Follow in thier footsteps instead of trying to request ingame handicaps.

The idea is that Rust is a survival game. It would almost feel like cheating even for new players to get some protection from everything. Especially since duping hasn’t been fixed as of yet, and exploiting is still an issue, this could mean a REALLY big mess in game for all the other players. That being said, I don’t see why brand new players shouldn’t get a really quick respite deeper into the development cycle.

Newbies don’t need any protection.

Why care if you die as a newbie? You have literally nothing to lose.

I usually just go full out, balls to the walls when I spawn on a new server. If I survive long enough to get a shelter built or find something useful quickly, great. If I die, I will probably have had great fun dodging bullets for a few minutes anyway.