Noobish 3ds Max question: connecting vertices

Hey guys, I’m completely new to 3ds Max, so bear with me.
This must be the simplest thing ever, but I just can’t seem to connect 2 vertices with each other, thus creating an edge or a face.
I remember this being extremely easy in Blender, but I can’t figure out how to do this in 3ds Max.
Aby help would be greatly appreciated.

I know about target welding, but that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to create an edge between two vertices, keeping them both.
I might’ve not entirely worded that right in the OP.


I’m going to sleep now, I’ll make a reference picture tomorrow if it helps.
Say, I’ve got 2 half spheres, 1 floating a bit above the other, and I want to make a plane berween 2 vertices of one half, and 2 of the other.

select the two vertices and hit the connect button, whicch is under target weld.

I’m pretty sure I already tried that, but I’ll try again when I wake up. Thanks for the help, regardless of of it works or not.

Bump, clicking connect whilst having these vertices selected won’t work.

I believe I’m a bit of an idiot, after aligning the faces correctly I got it to work.

Oops, triple post.