Noobish question


Forget it, figured it out.

Okay so want I wanted was a plume of smoke to come out of a hole and kill people and how I was doing it was with a func_smokevolume, but it wouldnt parent, so no what I am doing is using a env_steam and haveing a trigger hurt to move up with it as it increases in size.

Basically, next time you have a question, use the question megathread:

Whats a func_smokevaule?

Are these l4d entities, because i have never heard of either a smokevalue or a movingplayer.

and trigger_playermovement

thanks for none of the help.

Don’t give us inaccurate information, otherwise we can’t help.

[del]func_smokevolume can’t be moved as far as I know of. Try a func_dustcloud.[/del]

Seeming as you snipped the OP, this information is useless then.

Because we are mappers, we are obviously mind readers. This is a source forum, if you do not give us accurate information we cannot help. There are many source mods out there, and any of them could use the entities you described. Before writing a help thread, ensure all information is correct.

Also, don’t get pissed off because we couldn’t work out what the hell you are on about.

I snipped cause I found a differant way of doing it and honestly I didn’t really care enough to say that I figured it out.

Would be a better idea to share with the community, or say you found a fix, or something along the lines. Otherwise you look like a dick.