noob's first sub

hi all,

first post and the first ‘big’ thing i’m building is this sub:

It’s got 2 front and 2 aft torpedo tubes.

the problem with this thing is that it has too many parts so my pc is getting very very slow …

any tips on that? setting the video settings to low doesnt help …

Super parent tool :slight_smile: but only parent when the Sub is actualyl finished, have one big heavy centre prop nad parent everything to that :smiley:

note: i’m belgian i’v got limited english :stuck_out_tongue:

i think its getting slow cous everything is constantly colliding to eachother?

so “parenting” it to one big heavy thing makes it sturdier so it doesnt collide?

and i havent done the rear, engines, rudder,and interior so i’ll wait with that before sending it out to sea

Super outil de parent, mais seulement lorsque le parent Sub est actualyl ont terminé, un centre de lourdes grosses prop nad parent tout à cette

Super tool ouder maar alleen de ouders als de Sub is actualyl klaar is, hebben een grote zware centrum prop nad ouder alles aan dat

Sorry if it doesnt make any sense, used google translator :v:

no it didnt make any sense lol

i dont speak french but i speak dutch, and the google translator sucks at dutch

Yes everything gets slow becasue of all the collisions, but parenting solves that, but if you have any moving parts, do NOT parent them, or esle they won’t move.

good luck :slight_smile:

can i parent the shell now?

cous i only get 5fps and its impossible to do the interior now, and can u then parent again?

or can i parent two big shells seperate then weld them together and parent it into one big thing again?

Make sure you have the PHX3 SVN. I would redo the shell in white tile because it lags less. Once the shell is complete, multi parent the shell to a basic outline of the sub. That way you can still walk inside of your sub without the shell being welded to one big prop in the way.

redo the whole thing >_>

Use nocollide tool on whatever seems be hitting
Use a big long heavy thing and weld everything to it
Don’t parent shit or it will suck nut


Oh my god phx is ugly, restart.

dont look at the uglyness lol i havent got many addons yet.

i did the parenting thing to every part, and i nocollided everything, i put it in the water and it was going apeshit, kept jumping around and still colliding to everything, my pc nearly froze

lol you’re doing it wrong

Go to a good server like sax’s, ggg or nodex or whatever and ask them to show you how to parent stuff.
However, Nodex doesn’t use the regular tools, so going to sax’s or something might be a better idea.

or Gluttony :3:

What is your computer specs?

Or Nodex :3:

Core2Duo E6400 2.13GHZ
4GB Ram
Powercooler ATI HD4870 1GB

gmod runs at 1920x1080 on the highest details with 4x AA and full HDR and it never lags unless i build something huge like the stupid sub or have 100 barrels explode at the same time.