Nooby asking for help

Yo, I’m pretty much a total nub :P. Anyway, I use Wings3D, I used it a WHILE back and was pretty good with it, and now I’m basically restarting. Plus, back then, I was helping to make a mod for M&B that got canceled, leaving me with nothing to do.
I know how to make the models and add materials to them, but now, I’m finding myself completely alone with no one to code minor things in for me, and almost no knowledge in this area. About the only things I know are that,

  1. Gmod uses Lua coding, which is apparently VERY similar to C++, of which I know a TAD.
  2. Too rig things as NPCs they must first be ragdolls and be rigged to Valve skeletons or skeletons compatible with Valve (I think…).
  3. Skeletons are attached to animations
  4. The site can help with some of this. I’ll be looking through it, but I figured asking experienced people would be better.

Yep, that’s all. So, I think I need to know… How code regular props into the game, how to script entities into the game, make something a ragdoll, rig it to a skeleton(in the opposite order if the prop has to be on the skeleton before it can be a ragdoll), how to make it an NPC(I have some txt file for this I think, but people called it simple and bad so idk), how to ADD animations to a skeleton(if possible, or if I have to make a new skeleton, which I can’t so…), how to make the animations, make Sweps, make NPCs hold Sweps/use them, and how to make NPCs not be able to hold weapons(like Kleiner) plus spawn with weapons they ALWAYS spawn with (like vortigaunts). Oh, and IF I can even use Wings 3D for Gmod models. Plus what Milkshape is used for, and how to.

Thanks for at least reading/skimming this far :3. I have 2 programs on my comp(for this), Wings 3D and Milkshape, idk what Milkshape even does, plus am only average with Wings. I use and Gimp as a combo for materials and other artistic needs. So please, any (FREE)programs and tutorials you can refer me to could help. Plus I’d rather stick with Wings, as I know how to use it, but I don’t care about Milkshape

(I’ve already got something major I’m starting, but it has many parts, allowing me to start on the nubby things first and work my way up to better things)

Milkshape should be fine for anything model wise you want to do (as its what I use and I haven’t found anything yet it can’t do, bar some things that are probberly something i’ve set up wrong).

As for rigging look here: - Rigging and Animating in Milkshape tutorial - General ragdolling

As for the coding, you want to ask in the LUA section.

Also giving an exisiting ragdoll NPC/player anims is not in anyway got anything to do with rigging ¬.¬ (unless you rigged it) and skeletons are animated not attached to them (I think your referring to the $includemodel QC code referencing another model file that contains the anims seaparately as the NPC/player stuff does).

Thanks for the help, I recently acquired this ( ) link though (like 3 seconds before posting this), which mentions Wings 3D :D, that you posted in too. I’ll look into those links of yours though, and try to learn a little more about rigging and everything. This thread is pretty much pointless I think now, but if any of those questions can’t be solved by any of these links then I’ll update this with just those.

Wings 3D doesn’t export SMD, looking into a tool on M&B forums, also lurking around there for things to help me get back into the groove of modeling.