Nooby Questions just need help please.

So my clan has about 5 people and is currently growing we’re planning to make a base but if we spends hours on this bases does rust wipe after a certain amount of time??

Can you destroy walls or doors only?

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There are usually wipes after big updates.

Wood Doors = about 200 hatchet hits
Wood Wall = 2-3 C4
Metal Door = 2 C4

Thank you very much! Anyone else care to add to that?

It really depends on what kind of server you’re playing. There are servers with active admins who may or may not wipe the game depending on the current situation (updates, hackers, etc.)

Thanks again!

Make sure to build your house so that they have to blow up multiple doors/walls to get to your main storage room!

True were trying to do that we just dont want it to look giant and attract all the scummybummies to windowshop

Haha, My house is atleast 3x3 with 3 stories high, and my storage being in the 2nd story in the middle of the house, worked well for me so far. Might get some attention but who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh and try not to have any windows, people will build stairs up to them and jump in from there

I have found that it is usually better to wipe down the sidewalk than across the street. Across the street fails to remove all fecal matter from the anus. But down the sidewalk thoroughly cleanses the crack and optimizes paper space ratio.

Hope this helps, OP

You have to figure out how you’ll safeguard against people building a staircase next to your base, and breaking in from above. How you’ll safeguard against C4 (multiple doors/walls to get to the center). And how you’ll stay off the radar.

How you do that is up to you.

Thanks buddy! I was staying away from windows anyways but i think we will put them in a lookout tower or something thats about it.

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