Nooj,Baralai,and Gippal from FF X-2

I would really appreciate it if some did these guys along with their weapons , and *maybe make them eye, finger, and face posable.
*(just a suggestion to make them better)

Too effeminate and clown-like for me, but I do like the armor for the left leg of that guy. Maybe I’ll model a weapon if you choose one and provide references.

You mean something like this?
or this?
I’m sorry but there weren’t any real sketches of the gun so i had to shoot these with fraps. Apologies.

Keep it up- the more references the better!

Baralai’s weapon-
Gippal’s weapon- (the round part has an orange round blade around it whenever it cuts or attacks)

I need more references for that gun in your second post. I can’t see what the handle looks like.

I tried my best to get the screenshot but this as close as i got

However, I can say that the handle is more like this

Its color is more of a lightish blue, and the back of it seems to curve. That’s all i can say.

Any updates?