Noone can hear anyone's voice unless they are both superadmin

I recently set up a server that runs Exsto, EasyBan, Simple Prop Protection, Smart Snap, Easy Precision, Adv Stacker, Weight stool, Wiremod (SVN) and PHX3.

However, no one on my server can hear my voice when speaking or even see that I am speaking. I’m superadmin. I couldn’t hear anyone else speak either. When I made someone superadmin like me as a test, we could both speak to each other just fine however.

What can be causing this?

First of all, it’s “no one” and not “Noone

Secondly, maybe some of your addons prevents intergroup voice chat or voice chat from non-admins? Could you check the configuration options of exsto for this?

I tried looking for Exsto configuration, but it doesn’t really have any. That’s one thing I hate about Exsto. I tried looking at the source of various Exsto plugins (that come with it) but couldn’t find the cause (I’m a programmer too). That’s one thing I hate about Exsto. However, I’d love to keep it if possible because I love the in-game GUI and rank management.

Add this to server.cfg

sv_alltalk 1