"Noooooooooooo!" Soap about to kill Russian Soldier



more like soap on russian soldier xxx

you are horny now.


go to see porn.

That’s not my knife that’s stabbing you :smug:


The shape of his arm looks really odd… it looks horribly broken.


what a coincidence, me either, like stated previously arm looks deformed and he kneed the guy in the groin before stabbing him to death…that’s just mean spirited

damn nice motion blur

i need those models(soap,russian,guns) where did you get them from ?

in my ass.

I see some nasty leg clipping. And Soap should get that broken arm looked at.

Other than that, nice.

Damn you! All your poses make me want to play COD, beautiful picture like always.

more like “NYEEEETTTTTT”

thank you. u have nice eyes

this is some nasty shit


sorry. I’ve ported.

I dont think that’s a knife :smug: