noPvP Server Issues?

I haven’t been around Rust for that long (4-5) days, and I’m not sure what happens when the servers go down, so I don’t know if this is a client side issue or not.

Is the noPvP server down for everyone? It says when I go to play game that there are 60+ people on the server, yet I cannot connect to it

i am to having trouble connecting to it. You are not the only one.

Appreciate it, I was under the impression you wouldn’t be able to see it on the connect to server list if it was down

all i know is that the server is frozen, so it crashes, but it froze so it cant do anything i think …

Still Down, Be patient.
Feel Free to Update this Thread when its up again.

really hope our homes dont’ decay too much more…last time lost my entire house cause of server problems.

Don’t hold your breath.

Yeah that would really suck atleast im trying to build a metal house now but i still have aton of stuff in my wood house

I don’t understand why the servers are down mainly on the weekend. It seems to happen every single weekend. Very unfortunate. I’m starting to join the group that complains about not getting any updates. It would not be hard at all for a dev to keep us updated aka “Hey servers are crashed, we are working on the problems. Expect the PvE server to be up in 4 hours.” Sigh :frowning:

Edit: It’s still down…still no update on when it’s going to be back up or what’s going on…

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wot is going on here. Anyways it’s usually down on the weekends due to the fact that that’s when the servers get overloaded with players. That’s probably why they had to stop the Dutch Auction because there was too many players.