NoPVP Server. Some things i'd wish on the NoPVP Server

HAYO everyone,

First, i love games like Rust on PVE / NoPVP Style. That’s why I made this post.

These Features i’m missing:

Disabled Explosive Damage

I love to build a little base and save my stuff, at least for the time i’m playing active. But as soon as I build up some walls and my first door, some guys come across and just blow it up.
That’s not PVP i know, “killing” other players base parts is PVP for me too.
So there would be 3 different solutions to this problem for me.

  1. Disable Explosive Damage globally.
  2. Disable Explosive Damage on players and make Explosives only work on own buildings.
  3. Remove Explosives (i know explosives are fun, but also it’s killing fun…)

Make Building Parts indestructible

As I mentioned before, destroying peoples bases is like PVP. Because of that i’d also wish to make Buildings indestructible against other players.
And just like the Wooden and Metal Door, only you can edit/open it. So only the player who build the base can destroy it. That would stop raiding and noob players like me would have a great time learning the game :slight_smile:

Greeetz from Germany! :slight_smile:

(all grammer might be wrong, i’m sorry for that)

Yes, I think that the explosive damage should be removed, so everyone can play for themselves.

PvE is a great thing to have for noobs, which can learn them alot.

I agree with you slightly, would be very nice if there were a practice server that you could collect resources craft and build without being shot or raided every two minutes (maybe a practice server or even a single player mode?). But if they make it like you say where building parts are indestructible, then the inevitable troll players will just put walls in front of people’s doors. Maybe in the future if there are private servers they could set their own rules and whatnot to prevent game-wide douchbaggerie.

Until then, us new players will have to learn the game in very short 2-10 minute increments where we could stay alive before getting shot by ppl pretending to be friendlys :dance:

agree, im playing now 2 weeks and if you have a job
and only can play 3-4 hours at a day you dont even have a chance and all stuff/house is gone.

+1 from germany

i agree with you as well, having explosion damage on a pve server makes no sense at all… the only things that should be able to be damaged is literally the zombies… but you know, they could also add, for example, ai, so that there’s some sort of danger beyond the zombies themselves, helping, preparing them for pvp.

I agree with this…im tired of been raided and some guys killing me.

And a guy on chat was saying “ahahah going blow everyone up with my C4 duped i got more then 100”

Yeah atm this is ruining the whole gameplay also on pvp servers.

yes the duping is a big problem atm.
Hope they fix it soon…

People pretending to be friendlies? I don’t even get that. Anyone that sees me just shoots on sight. I’ve had one instance in about 6-7 hours of gameplay where someone allowed me to part-ways without killing me…

The explosive damage on PVE is aggravating but the grievers are the problem if things aren’t destructible…

Rust is all about danger, survival and bandits. Removing that, even on your own server or someone elses would stuff up the game, it just wont be the same, you might as well play Minecraft if you like that.

Nm about my earlier post, I didn’t know rust already had a no pvp server! Played on it today and got to do all the crafting and looting without being killed constantly, definitely helps to get familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Honestly there shouldn’t even be a NoPVP server in the first place, it’s against what this game is all about. You should be happy there is a NoPVP server and accept it as it is.

PvE server needs raid bosses.

It’s true that rust is all about PvP. however for some reason people seem to like the no-pvp server. I’ll make it so you can’t destroy other peoples buildings as a test in one of the next updates but I have no idea what you will occupy yourself with after a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Maybe add a shitload of hostile NPCs and rename the server PVE (also leave in building dmg, create new server with no pvp or no building dmg and call it something about practice)

I agree with this thread, after all it is a non PVP server, and it’ll be nice for newbies to get used to the game without worrying about other players stealing your stuff.
And I do agree with Helk, you would get bored after a while, but I think it will encourage people teaming up making a large base or something, that would be great! :smiley:

Or you can just remove all entity damage…

Yes that’d be great :slight_smile:

So what you’re saying is if you build your base and I come along and attach several stories of walls, trapping you inside your own house you’d be okay with that?

That is allready possible do to, so it would not be something new. And not everyone trapped inside a building has enough c4 to blow that up.