Nords Arise!

Nords & Dodge :V

fucking boss

could use some sense of movement though

What map is that?

Also I love the picture.

I use “Blade Symphony Stuff & Map Pack”. I’m not sure the link is still in fp or not.

Oh god, awesome, but what do I rate it? Artistic? Funny? It’s both.

too much shit happening and too much fucking photoshop jesus fuck

slow that shit down son

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oh wait now i can see it

still it hurts bubzy mind and i popped a nut

This looks like fun. A bit more sense of movement would be nice though, and it took a little while to realize the Draugr in the back seat was breathing the fire.
Fits really well to Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction… or the Duke Nukem theme.

nah, 502 all the way