Normal doors.


I need to know how to make normal doors, not doors like a brush, and func_door.
Only a normal door model, and you open it as normal.

This should ofcourse have been in here:


Thank you very much, works like a charm.

Another question then, how do I make a func_breakable(window) respawn after a certain period of time?

with a point_template i belive.

I’ll have a look at that later, thanks.
Gotta get back to school now.

You know, you could post these kinds of questions in the question megathread.

You could try to read my post above.

You’ll look at it later and you have school?


Post in the mapping questions megathread.

You could try to notice the fact that we have a mapping sticky for questions AND a dedicated mapping questions thread.

Sorry…idiotic comments annoy me.

Check the first post.

This should ofcourse have been in here:


You don’t have to get all defensive. I was just pointing out that it’s annoying and stupid to flood the mapping section with threads asking 1 simple and quickly answered question when there’s actually 2 threads dedicated for the sort of thing.

Oh and it’s somewhat confusing that you get all sand-in-vagina mode even though you yourself said

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Let’s drop this discussion.
What I ment with “This should ofcourse have been in here” post, simply that I should have posted there, but I didn’t notice it before now.

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Got another question now :

How do I rotate a door? When I spawn it, it’s just one way, how do I rotate it?

Edit2 :
Scrap that, already fixed.