Normal, Freezes, Normal, Freezes, Normal, Crash

So my GMod basically Freezes then it goes normal about 5 - 10 seconds later, about 5 minutes later it does it again, then it goes back to normal, after about 10 - 15 minutes it crashes with the last sound playing constantly looping over and over again.

These are the addons i have installed:

info_particle_controller - TF2, Portal and EP2 Effects and stuff.
sfx - Effect Stools like smoke and glow…
extll - Models.
Larry’s Ultimate Weapon Pack
Adv. Duplicator
Resource Distribution
Life Support 2
Tiberium Addon

Out of any of those what could be making my GMod do this.

So can anyone tell me at all why my GMod does this?

PC specs?

Not the problem, it hasn’t done this before, it just recently started doing it.

Move or rename the “addons” folder. And make a new addons folder. From the other addons folder put addons one by one untill you hit the one which freezes your game. When you got the addon remove it. Why are you unwilling of putting your PC specs?

My game randomly crashed and then a week or so later my graphics card died, but I doubt that’s the reason here :slight_smile: