"normal" game saving in Garry's mod

Is there some way to save a game like you usually do in other games in Garry’s mod? Garry’s save system is useful if you’re building things, but is really slow and buggy. It goes through every entity separately in lua and saves information about it, and then clears the map and spawns new entities when loading. This means that you have to do very specific things for specific entities and systems, such as the constraints. Is there a console command or engine function that saves the game the ordinary way?

How would you imagine the “ordinary” way to save the game?

I would guess that you press escape, click Save, save your game and at a later point you return to that map and resume with on what you are working on. Kinda like in Gmod 9.

in hl2 when you save and then load a game, any objects that were moving are still moving, any NPCs that were attacking are still attacking, any sounds that were playing are still playing, any weapons that were firing are still firing, etc. It takes a “snapshot” of the game at that moment which it can then reapply. The save system in GMod goes through each entity in lua and records certain traits about it, which are later used when loading to create a new entity.

Open console:
save <name>
load <name>