Normal Map error?


Is there anyway way to fix this normal map? It turns into a weird pinkish yellow after extracting it from a DDS converter.

Did it rip with an alpha channel?

No. That would be less than helpful
You need both the x and y before you can even consider z.

What game is that from?
For starters, make the blue channel white.

Its one of the multiplayer clothing for metal gear solid 5. George_Sears gave me the models/textures so I have no idea if it ripped with or without an alpha channel sadly.

what? you had dds files. open them in gimp or photshop and check if they have an alpha channel.

or maybe you wanna upload a sample dds. we can tell you what to do a lil better.

yeah my mistake

So here are the DDS and converted JPG files. From the look of it, there’s just that single Normal map(no alpha channel). But again I don’t know what I’m doing.


And here’s a screenshot of the files.

Why would you convert to jpg anyway. It’s extremely lossy and doesn’t have alpha channel support.

Thank you! mind if I asked what did you do? And yeah the converter I have was only able to convert it to jpg, png and TIF/TIFF. I tried converting to all of them but it still came to almost the same results.

I tossed the alpha into the red channel, flipped the green, and normalized to source’ standard: X+ Y-
You should probably look into something to import dds directly without the need to convert it at all.

yep. that was it. you fixed it fast. i had to mess with that damn winx app crap. messing with my config. damn.