Normal Maps

I was just curious, Does anyone here who makes re-skins, more than Models, Make Normal Maps?
If so, how do you do it personally? Should an amateur bother?
As for modellers I guess you already have to do it, If so, How do you find it?

An amateur should bother, normal maps can add lots of needed detail to your models. Just remember not to use it for everything. For example i’d make a normal map for a tread plate, but not a soda can.

The BEST way to make a normal map is to ‘bake’ it, otherwise you can use a normal map generator.

Here’s a great normal map bake tutorial:

You can also make normalmaps from the textures in GIMP and I presume Photoshop also with plugins, which can work if you do it right, but still will not be as good as baking a higherpoly model.

the link in ‘normal map generator’ shows a brick wall being processed by several normal map generating software.

Choose what you like and google it.

I find CrazyBump to be the most user friendly, only problem is that it ain’t free.

Here’s a free alternative: