Normal SandBox names appear in my darkRP server.

Hai everyone.
My friend is running a hosted server, Its kinda really new.
The problem is that the names above the heads appear like in sandbox gamemode, Not fair because everyone will see where the other guys are located.
Also, I need help with coding costum printers and setting their money and money printing time, Please tell me how to code that and where to put that, And how to fix the names above the heads, I want the names above the heads to be like in other DarkRP servers, Not like in sandbox.

Thanks in advance bro’s. :wink:

It has been explained multiple times how you “add” a new printer. You simply copy the default one, located in the entities folder inside DarkRP, and afterwards change stuff in it.

Ok, Thanks bro, Also please tell me how to remove that Name showing to the regular darkrp, I mean, If you’ve ever played regular sandbox server, You see the name of the players above their heads doesn’t matter where they are, Under or above the map, I have the same thing in the server, I want it to be like in the regular darkrp, That only if you look at someone near you, You see his name.

Uh, it should be the default one, I’m sure there is a ConVar somewhere to set the limited position on how close you have to be.

Anyone? -.-