NORP - A Serious Roleplay Gamemode

I am currently going to work on NORP (Nazi Occupation Roleplay). NORP is a serious roleplay gamemode about the nazi occupation in germany of 1942. Im expecting this to be a good gamemode (it looks good in the images in my head) so id like to see how this goes.
NORP is very similar to HL2RP, yet has some characteristics of Pulsar Effect Roleplay (e.g. 40’s cars). I cant think of a specific release date, but if we get some success on the gamemode il try it give you guys an estimate. For those of you who think il never pull this off, you can get the fuck off my post if you dont like it.

** Things I need **: A HUD Designer - Someone who knows how to make a hud that doesnt look like a five year old drawing.
A few LUA Coders - I could use some help on this. (and no, I am coding also)
Some advice - You can post what you think should be in this gamemode and what shouldnt. If its good we may sell it, if its ok well just give it out.

Thanks for your time.

Sounds fun, too bad I cant do anything to help.

I can expect no RP taking place on this gamemode. I also expect it to never get done. I also think that this kinda threads are an absolute waste of time.

With this kinda projects either you are the main developer or this won’t get developed at all.

Epic fail

I don’t think you’ll ever pull this off.

Ironic aint it?

If I get paid why the fuck not.

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When is there ever RP in any gamemode for that matter? Don’t say there is because everyone knows that’s bullshit, not one server on GMod has RP whatsoever.

Yes there is.

I don’t think you have played long enough then. Look a little further, below the bullshit, and you’ll find some diamonds in the rough.

OP is obviously an idea guy.

Nahhh, this guys a pro.

Of course

function GM:PlayerSpawn(ply)

guyse i made my contribution to the gamemode

Then we start raking in loadsadosh?

Mods, you constantly make dumb threads asking for help with pirated gamemodes and brag about your “PERP SERVER”. You make topics asking how to play a sound when someone joins, I really doubt you could make a gamemode like this.

Even a DarkRP edit…

Void all my asking, im doing it myself. It will be made with cake script and im thinking of a new idea.

Am I the only one who can see a problem?

He contradicted himself in the same sentence.

Thats not all on your own, thats using a framework
Use OA, its alot better
Have a nazi faction, POW faction, german faction, US Military faction and there you go

Oh, I bet Conna is so proud that his framework gets such great use!


Nuff said.