Norpo's SFM posters and video compilation

SFM section is dead? Can we post sfm stuff here? Fucking magnets how do they work?!



Favorite posters cuz im 2lazy4u[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t]

this is some pretty amazing stuff. missed u <3

That last video was fucking amazing.

Great job on all of this.

Excellent work. I really like that AoT one.

Gods of War has always been a favourite of yours to me, awesome stuff dude.

These are all superb. Fantastic technical quality and contextual, creative, and eyegasmic.

Very well done.

Are all of these in SFM? Or more specifically - are any of these captured on Garrysmod?

I love what you did with the motion blur on the white eagle angle thing. Absolutely wicked.

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Now that I searched the subject a bit more - I just realized how difficult it is to achieve curved motion blur effect.

You must tell me your technique on this one.

Norpo, your stuff makes me wetter then a mop bucket at a pool. Truly masterwork stuff here.

i approve of this because it is


Pretty stuff. Does SFM add the bloom by itself in the or is there some adjustable feature in it? The breakind bad and eagle pictures have some good bloom on them, as well as the poster with the green giants.

Norpo, you are great hero of SFM, your medal of valor is in the mail.

Neat thing about SFM is that if you create motion/animation in the timenine and render a poster(single frame), SFM will give you that motion blur depending on the speed of the object and simulated shudder speed/framerate of the project. This blurring was likely achieved via rendering a frame of a short animation.

Could be wrong, but that’s how I’d do it.

I can’t believe it how You’re better improving all stuff.

Great work Norpo keep it up…

Exactly what Lt_C said, SFM produces really cool looking motion blur.

Bloom seems to work only in video format, I add it in photoshop.
I guess technically you can render video 1 second long in .png or .tga sequence and take one frame from it, but the size of image is limited (720p by default, with console command you can achieve 1080p but SFM becomes very unstable and it’s crushing all the time for me)

by the way thanks for all kind replies, glad to know some people still remember me from gmod times)

I’ve heard about this technique before. I’ve been wanting to try it out before but it just seems troublesome if you’re only experience is stills.

It’s not that hard, you just make a second pose in the keyframe editor. If I get a chance, I’ll try and do a stream/tutorial thing on it.

I’ve said it before about the Batman one; i love it.