North america 1 crash?

The server appears to be down. Any updates / news?

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same with 3, im pretty sure they might just be resetting? or it crashed either way :o

Same with NA 2. Down also.

How long does it take them to fix this when it happens? Approximately

They best hurry up, if I log on and I got killed. I’ll be pissed.

lol it crashed for everyone. its not like there are a few people running around killing everyone and looting everything.

I hope they’re wiping it lol. kinda wanna fresh start again.

No I mean if I log on and someone logged on before me.

I’m 2 pieces away from building metal houses :(((

Ugh the one time things are going well in game, server crashes. Lol

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Has this happened before?

Yeah it crashed when i was right next to a naked guy if he kills me he be loaded Lol

If this has happened before, does anyone know if there was any sort of roll back? even if its a minute or 2. Cause I just had gotten a few good blue prints before it went down.

I hope it is no wipe, no roll back. none of that crap.

I’m 2 C4 away from blowing it open. :smiley:

Lmao 50 people reading, got some anxious people waiting for this server. Anyone got news?

I’m in the middle of a little get together, so prizes to the person who finds us c;

got no other game to play, till new WoW expansion Lol.

I have no other game to play either. ubuntu kind of limits you…

However, I wish the damn server listing refresh button would work -_-

I have other things to play, but I prefer rust :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as me.

step 1: Ctrl+T