North America 1 - Lets Maintain Order!

So I just recently joined this server and have helped numerous amounts of players. In return, I was saved by a group of 4 guys when I was trying to be killed by a player (name not important). I got to thinking…there are a lot of bandits, raiders, etc. I want to maintain a type of “order” … you know … a police, if you will. I have already grouped with 4 guys and we have traded resources and are looking out for each other.

I’m wondering if anyone would be down for doing this? Going in to this, I realize it won’t be easy, but I think it could give the game that other aspect it needs…instead of trying to raid buildings for no reason.

What do you think?

I’ve seen servers with people who “band” together. The issue would be to turn off “raiding” during certain times.

I agree, but Rust should not stick their noses into this. This needs to stay strictly player run. We don’t want to ruin this game with restrictions and things like no raids past 9pm or some stupid crap. I say this is a great idea, but it should be ran by the players. Meaning that you need to build your own police outposts, supply yourselves, defend yourselves, etc…

well the “Raiding” function would be set by the admin. It could be 24 hours a day (real time) or based on server location as the admin determines. This just is a tool to minimize “Grief raiding”

This is mainly my idea. It would be up to the players and not the admins to keep an “order”.

Holy crap I would be so down for this. I was about to give up on PVP servers because I keep getting murdered as a caveman juuust before I have enough resources to get a semi-secure house and basic weaponry (read: bow and arrow and a stone hatchet). Naturally, my simple wooden shack gets broken into every time I log off for more than 15 minutes, too. Needless to say, it’s a great way to burn out on the game.

I would be very happy to even help form a “police HQ” and patrol with you guys if I could find a safe place to build and get some decent weaponry and defenses. I think more multi-player bases could be awesome anyway, and a police compound could be really neat.

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Also, if it helps, I’ve played about 25 hours at this point. I’m familiar with advanced features of the game, including C4, research kits, weapon mods, etc. I practiced on a PvE server for a while to learn what everything does… I just have a hard time finding a PvP server that I can survive and thrive on. I don’t have any friends convinced to play with me yet, so I’m soloing. I’d love to not solo and team up with someone for a purpose.

I have actually been wanting to do something like this for a while–have a crew that would hunt down bandits and the like as a deterrent to senseless raiding, and perhaps offer assistance to new players on the server in the meantime.

One of the biggest problems, I think, is that Rust doesn’t facilitate any kind of player tracking mechanic which, I believe, is part of why engaging in bandit behavior is all reward and little risk. Unless you already know where a specific player’s base is, they can raid without fear of much immediate retribution. Add to this the fact that the game doesn’t make it easy for most players to determine where they even are in the game world, so as to provide an accurate location if they are getting raided, for others to respond… I dunno how effective a security team would really be. I guess with enough people and effort you could possibly achieve something, but the game just doesn’t facilitate much for this kind of thing.

If I could actually play without desyncing on every server, I’d be down for this. Good post +1