North Vs. South - Theme Server

This is now a whitelisted server.

vanilla no mods

Trying to make a theme/lite role play server. Essentially the map is cut in half and it will be north vs. south. The north will have more land but less rad towns. The south will be a bit smaller but packed full of resources and rad towns. Crossing the border is allowed and encouraged but you will be crossing into enemy territory. To distinguish between north and south players will be required to wear either a rad suit mask for north or a cloth mask for south. This serves as protection for you as well so your neighbors know what side you are on.

Killing/greifing your neighbors is not allowed. I am hoping this will create a friendlier environment for people looking to farm while at the same time allowing pvp and a clear enemy. Hopefully people will form a community and if it works out there may be elections for leaders in the future.

I am still figuring out all the details so if you have suggestions meet me in game and let me know.

If this idea sounds appealing to you please check out the server. Its new as of 3/3/2014 so there’s plenty of open space.

North vs South Theme Server Rules

Welcome to NvS Role-Play! Here, we’ll cover a few of the rules just to give you a heads-up for the server as well as an overview of the factions and expectations.

North - Cloth Helmet
So, the northern players will be the players that are part of the north faction as part of the northern-western part of our Rust world (please reference the map listed). As a rule (and a concrete rule) they wear the cloth helmet and at the end of the names wear an [N] tag.

South - Rad Helmet
Southern players have lived around the radiation zones long enough to know that protection from these areas is vital to their survival and as such wear the Radiation Suit Helmet (a concrete rule) and live in the part of the maps that are south of the island (refer to the map). At the end of their names, they wear an [S] tag.

Tradesmen/Mercenaries - Leather/Kevlar Helmet
This is a small faction of players that will have a part of the map dedicated to them, as a “no-raid” and “no-pvp.” They are also the only means to obtain explosive charges outside of rad towns. Traders are not allowed to engage in pvp unless hired or first provoked by either being fired upon or robbed at gun point. They wear leather or kevlar helmets (as it’s currently the same model), making them easily distinguishable and valuable allies in raids/defense. They also act as a friendly area to conduct business, and again, hire mercenaries. They wear the tag, [T].

Outlanders - No helmet
These players follow no rules and may follow a powerful player or group within their own community. Normal rules do not apply to them, except for the no-raid/no-pvp around Tradesmen base. They live on the eastern part of the map, past the mountains and into the wastelands. They live off the land and by strength of self. They wear the tag [O] and do not wear any type of headgear.

Knowing the factions, let’s get into the rules so that we can get started! Obviously, we live in a modern-post-apocalyptic world, so you don’t have to worry about getting into character (Outsiders, you’re the savages of the world, feel free to go crazy with your role-play).

Nakeds: Killing nakeds of another faction is allowed but shouldn’t be abused. If they appear to be gathering resources or looting then please make note of their name so admin can keep track of their abuse. If you are a naked,fresh spawn, or new player please seek out your fellow faction members(maybe not if your Outlander) and have them assist you. Your first job should be to get into your faction helmet asap. These will be provided for free if you can not make them for any reason please ask an admin to spawn you some.

North/South/Outsider/Traders hostilities: This is a PVP-Role play society. That being said, raids and killing on sight are permitted and encouraged. The only exemption is the Tradesmen aren’t allowed to attack, they shouldn’t be raiding unless hired anyway. However, if you happen to see a Mercenary in your territory and s/he is not with someone from your faction they can be fired upon and or robbed but they are allowed to defend themselves. That being said, do try to avoid slaughtering your tradesmen because they are your best source of explosive charges and may not want to trade with you if you upset them. There are boarders to each factions lands, once you cross into their territory - You’re at their mercy. Again, raiding and killing players is encouraged, even if they’re the friendly gathering type.

Neighbors: While you may not like some of the people that are part of your faction, you may not get along - You ARE a part of a team overall. This means that no southern player may kill or raid any other southern player, same as a northern player cannot attack his northern allies. The only exception to this rule is the Outsiders, who don’t live by codes of conduct and may perform raids on neighbors and kill each other for resources. Players refusing to follow this rule will be punished.

Helmets/Tags: This is really the only way we can properly enforce a remotely fair system of identification. You must always be wearing your factions helmet (or lack thereof) and must always have the tag of your faction at the end of your name. All clothing items are optional, except for the headgear. Any players caught refusing to wear tags or proper headgear will be punished. Helmets will be provided free of charge upon request of an admin.

(Re)Elections: Electing a leader will be crucial to your factions. As such, after a leader is elected, re-elections will be held every two weeks. However, if you and enough of your allies feel that a leader is not living up to the task, you can hire the mercenaries to kill your leader as a hint but you must still escort them through your lands. If enough people are fed up with a player, they can hold re-elections early.

Barter-town: This is the ONE area that is absolutely a zero-raid and no-pvp part of the map. This is where trades, technology and information bartered, business between factions can be conducted, mercenaries hired in this area, and is the actual home of the Tradesmen and Mercenaries.

Spies(still in testing stages): These players have a unique rule to them. They are the only players that are allowed to change their names and wear headgear of opposing factions for the purpose of locating stock, leadership, storerooms, etc. Only one spy may be chosen by each faction and may only be chosen by a leader of that faction. Players are encouraged to know their allies so that spies may be discovered.
Griefing: Raiding and replacing doors, making parts of bases walled off, are all examples of griefing and will not be tolerated. Players caught doing this will be punished. This is a server-wide rule that will be enforced.

Tradesmen/Mercenaries rules: Tradesmen will be allocated an amount of C4 everyday for the purpose of trading with other factions. Your base is safe from raiding, however you are NOT allowed to raid unless hired by a faction. You are also NOT allowed to openly engage in PVP unless hired by a faction. You ARE however, allowed to defend yourself if fired upon or an attempted robbery by forces in areas you are operating in. This prevents the Mercenary group from becoming an openly hostile group, but be aware that by killing a Mercenary (or a gatherer - Tradesman), they may hold a grudge against your faction.

Air Drops and Explosives: There will be no air drops or explosives brought into this world. It is the only way to keep tradesmen viable.

Switching Factions: Switching factions is allowed on your first day of joining this server. Try to be certain you picked the right faction within your first day. You can switch again after 4 days, twice a month, or the next wipe whichever comes first. Any player caught abusing this will be punished.

You are now at War. Whichever faction you choose, this is the New World. Work together with your allies, form raiding groups, find your strengths and weaknesses and augment them with players that compliment playing stratagies. Every decision you make will shape your story and the story of those around you. Remember that while hoarding items and supplies makes for a strong player, sharing and trading among your own community (and sometimes even with the opposing forces) makes for a stronger nation. Choose your faction, and join the fight.

Sounds awesome. Myself and a few friends are interested. How do we join???

Just simply add me as a friend on steam and I will give group invite.

Thanks for the add! It was a freaking blast!

Updated rules and fresh wipe 3/9/2014.

We will be putting in faction control points and server events aswell.