North Yankton[/t][t][/t][t][/t]


North Yankton ported from GTA V. Contains the town of Ludendorff, the church & graveyard, and the farmhouse. No games are required + map has AI nodes. This map has really rough collisions and you can sink through the snow in some places. This isn’t a bug, I did all collisions manually and in Source they can be buggy.
Made with OpenIV and GIMS Evo. Any location in GTA IV or V is possible for me to port, so if you have requests, let me know what you wanna see next! :slight_smile:

This map in particular took almost 3 years from start to finish. If you want to see more, feel free to support my stuff!

Throwback to when GTA 5 first came out, when everyone was waiting for online me and a few other fellas on the forums were trying to find all the mysteries of this place. What else were beyond the inaccessible roads? Were there any other mysteries like the alien under the water? Such fun times and bless you for getting this into gmod <3

Hello, I wondering if you might be willing to assist with an effort to bring the DCS World map Nellis AFB map into GTA 5 as an add-on? I also had a project going to add a California Air National Guard hangar as an add-on at the LSIA but it stalled…