Northern Rust | Custom drop/airdrops & Oxide mod

Hello fellow rust players,

Northern Rust is a server based out of Quebec, but don’t let that scare you folk from the states. The way this server is ran is quite simple. Be friendly to those newbies who just started playing, don’t repeatedly kill the same player/players at their base, and Don’t ruin bases just for shear enjoyment. The reason for these rules is to try and ensure a good rust experience within this server, and to promote the growth of the server a little better. Another aspect we would enjoy taking part of is acting as a democracy for things to add, improve on, or remove from the server. What I mean by this is if the majority of the population votes upon something, we will listen to the feedback and make the changes according to the requests from the majority.

So far there is three admins, including the owner of the server within that three. The basic setup of the server is very limited Kevlar, explosive charges, and no military weapons to have a greater sense of accomplishment when you actually receive these items. This will also ensure a better fighting chance for those newer folk that are running around with a hand cannon/pipe shotgun getting gunned down by players stacked with military weapons and Kevlar. Again due to the democratic view point we’re trying to take these are subject to change to build a growing community that enjoys every aspect of the server.

Oxide is added into the server, and will be kept up on with the maintenance and updates required.

The admins on this server are all adults, and have no intent on abusing any type of power they are granted. That being said there may be some down time for an update, but that isn’t because we don’t care, it’s because some of us work and are attending college. Although we all do play often, and will try our best to update the server ASAP.

Sunday afternoon (1/26) we will be hosting an event which an admin will spawn massive amounts of gear/airdrops and allow complete chaos in the server for a prolonged period of time. After the time of chaos is complete we will issue a server wipe for a fresh start to allow everybody a fair chance in our server. We also will setup a majority of different event’s for our players to participate in to win gear, and resources.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this summary, and we hope to see you in the server!

Server IP: (Copy & Paste in f1) net.connect

Awesome server!!! :rock:

Started Spawning Mass Airdrops and Admin is Spawning in Items for all.

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There is even an Arena built for mass pvp, being teleported to it

This arena is crazy O.o


Event is now over and the server will be wiped, come join us for more fun!


If you wan’t a chance at being the superpower on a server now’s the time! Low population count means less competition. I encourage big groups to come and join us.