Norway #1 (Sleepers/PvP)

New Norwegian server hosted in Netherlands, fresh as of 28.12.2013. The only rules will be no hacking or extreme cases of spamming, otherwise go nuts and play the game however you would like. There will be no wipes unless it’s completely necessary due to patches.
Started this server because I wanted to play on a server that would not have frequent wipes, would not go down and never come back up and would not have admin abuse.

Hoping to get a lot of Scandinavian players on there eventually, even danes.

To connect press F1 for console once you are in the game and write: net.connect

The patch that was supposed to fix stuff, broke stuff.

Hoping we can play for longer than 5 minutes soon!:quagmire:

New patch seems to have worked, server is up now and hopefully it stays up. :slight_smile: