Norwegian soldier shooting his gun

Just testing a skin I made


Something doesn’t feel quite right about that soldier.


Those are rifle shells coming from that MP5. The shells are longer than the mag.

No they aren’t. I got shell models for smg ingame and I put them next to eachother and the shells are a little smaller, it’s just that they are closer to the camera.

Really? Because I see a bottleneck on those shells. The in-game HL2 SMG is an MP7, which they made ejecting rifle shells, although the actual shells it ejects IRL are bottlenecked, they are just smaller than rifle shells. The MP5 fires a different round than the MP7, the 9mm, a pistol round, opposed to the MP7’s intermediate round of 4.6. Those shells are not 9mm shells. Although, hey, FarCry 2 got it wrong as well.

I see, well tbh I know jack shit about guns so. :v:

The flag is waaaay to big, it should be look more like this… also what’s the black line suppose to be?

could you help me with this? cool screenshot btw.

Do I spy a Mich in the picture?

LOL! I didnt notice, I forgot to scale the damn flag when I cut it out lol.
I’ll fix it.

the reason why the model doesn’t look so good is because it’s not normaled/phonged
good pose.

Oh, yeah I dont know how to do that stuff.

that mp5 is so big it must be shooting 50 grendel

While the posing is good, why is his right arm so small? His left one is way ‘bulkier’.

hahaha, didnt notice. It’s just the angle tho.

Are they hexed?

yes… I already told you.

Why is the inner liner of the uniform and the pouches green cadpat?

Giant monster MP5 for the win.