Norwegian soldiers

I made this from a request in this thread:

And for the download link:

Hope ya liek.

I’m sorry but those are crap, the textures look like shit

As a skinner myself i disagree. The textures could just be higher res, and adding some yourself is a 5 minutes work.

they look good so ill give you a 8/10

I think they look good.


They look too clean in my opinion.

Yey my request :smiley:

They look a little to clean, but I still love you for it.

So, Thank you. My Good sir. I owe you.

Edit: Damn. I lost the link to the real life weapons back. No AG3 ;-;


But their clothes looks like pooo.
I think you should open the textures again and put on a good military uniform texture.

Design wise isn’t my taste but the texture skinning job was done very well, so don’t just say it shit if it’s not to your liking :confused:

I like the texture skinning job thingy. It does remind me of Norwegian Infantry.

Read the thread title, thanks.

If you did the pattern yourself, pretty good work.

It’s just a bit too reliant on that tan color.

ksenior is right, you should have uploaded it to without making a thread, or worked on it a little longer.

Edit: also all you sensitive fags who think Im mean, go a head, rate me dumb.

Nah I took a google pic, might be why it sucks. I think I’m gonna totally remake them and actually make the camo myself this time.

The only thing I think looks bad, is that the Norwegian flag on the beret is supposed to be Harald V’s insignia in gold or silver (if you want the royal guard).

I know this is pedantic. Good work anyway!

Don’t, I never make my own camo. Keep browsing the interwebz for a good pic of a pattern. If I come across a good one ill pm it to you.

I read the title,but I’m trying to say you that they don’t look realistic.

That MP5 is fukken huge.

Anyway the skin is way too bland, there’s no lighting on it, no details, no wrinkles, just an overlay with a bland, wrinkly normal map.