NoShowDeath Lua Script

Hey forums

Need the lua extension and plugin from RPmod that shows no deaths in servers.
Because my friends and I love to play around with each other, and assassinations are on the list.
But we wouldnt like to have other people know who-killed-who.

So can someone please just extract it into a easy admin console command on the server, or if its already out there, link me?

Thank you.


I would do it myself of course, but my migraine refrains me from working on it tonight. It would be a big help if someone can do me a favor.

It would probably just end with people raging when they dont know who the RDM’er is.

No they actually asked me to do it for them.
So they dont try sneaking in the other mans vents because they looked into console or something.
I needz your halps :smiley:

Only thing I can help you with is “Wrong section”.

Well Hakita
If you must know
no one seems to answer that page
so at least her on the somewhat main one
I at least 80% of the time get a response