Nostalghia [Landscape Scenebuilding]

Inspired by Tarkovsky’s movie "Nostalghia"
**Map: gm_black
**Edit: In-game
Alternative version: 00-34-57qq.jpg 00-34-57.jpg

Holy hell this is amazing

This is magnificent, everything about it, except for the car, its angle is really awkwardly posed and doesn’t keep up with the camera. That was my only problem, everything else was spot on.

It has something to do with FOV, the props on the left and right sides are stretched always, it’s easy to manipulate the foliage props to fix it though.

edit: alright, I fixed it using liquify tool, should be better now.

Nah, car is still screwed up. A good way to fix it is to use liquify to move the grass slightly higher up to hide the wheels of the car and use some burn tool to create a shadow underneath the car between the wheels.

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Also use the liquify tool on the front motor hood and push it down, it feels like the car is standing on uneven road, which is tilting more towards the camera.

Thank you for criticism, the problem is the more I’m trying to fix that it the more it’s only getting worse, so I just leave it. Please enjoy this picture as it is.