not a bug but GAMEBREAKING shit lol

come near the house u r about to raid. stand in front of it like this:

press f2 and than timings

detect where all loot and furnaces are


the devs gotta do somehing right NOW!!! i cant even launch the game it crashes at the laoding screen in shaders

So with ladders being allowed in building blocked areas we can expect retarded looking houses from now on? Not to mention any advantage of building up instead of out is gone, unless you want your house to look like OP’s picture…

thats not my house, but yea thats a typical look of any house that been build after the last patch.

That would be a dead easy base to raid lol

You’ve got to put spikes on top of the overhangs otherwise someone will just diving board onto the top one -> ladder to roof - > break in with pick-axe/C4.