NOT A DDOS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do we get to provide the developers with legit in-game issues like one would in Beta?

For example, an issue I am having is I cannot survive if I cannot gather resources in game.

When I am in-game I can only interact with resources for a VERY short time, somewhere on the order of 7-10 clicks. I get one rock node and one wood pile then the only thing I can gather is wood from standing trees (10 per). It’s as if the environment is fine but nothing else works. I will hit a deer 30 times, it won’t move and it won’t die; same for the boars. Players and zombies and bears oh my! They can still kill me. Sometimes the players will not see me when I am right next to them, sometimes they will.

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive and all caps thread title" - postal))

What are your system specs, and do you play on official or modded servers?