NOT A RANT: story time

long-ish post

Although this is labeled rant, it is not. I’d like to share what happened to me today. I was out gathering, yada yada. Some guy had a door open with a fire, so why not check it out? Of course i did and as i went in the house (which was next to a rock formation) he closed the door from outside. Weird i didnt see anyone before i went in…As i was doing nothing in the house i was shot by an arrow and killed. Ok whatever, somewhere they could see in. I went back and the same thing happened, but this time i looked around and looked around, there was no possible way to shoot in the house except the rock. Long story short… or kinda long i guess, he was in the rock shooting out. I have been told dev version and reg version have rocks in different places but i checked both and still the same…Needs a fix. Any similar stories.

One time, I was walking and I dripped over a pebble. The rocks need to be patched IRL.

Well it’s a know issue that people can get into rocks and foundations and shoot out from there.