Not a release but more of a request.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong section (well it is the comic section) Please move if wrong section.

I’m looking for an old tf2 comic basicly a kid (HL2 beta one), bought tf2 and was like having a :smiley: face all the time so , he started playing the game and a pyro burned off a scouts(on the last stage of dustbowl on the bridge as i recall), face (gore), and the last scene shows his face looking down at the dinner table as :frowning:

I’l give internet hugs whoever finds it :3

I remember that comic , it was awesome.

I think mosquito made it , i think.

What The Fuck? i just made this thread! What The Hell thats so weird… I didn’t check because i… What The Fuck?

I lol’d

Found it but the images are borked, i bumped it for you.