"Not a sound milady."

Did this for the fantasy contest.

Nice scene-build.
I like the head-hacking (is that editing, modelling or in-game inflater tool work?).
Camera angle is decent.
Posing is pretty much perfect and the faceposing is decent.
I like how you have edited; it makes the picture much more interesting while keeping it looking like an in-game picture.
Shame about the lack of ye olde female models.

Inflated the guards head and photoshopped the citizen one.

I concur.


Nicely done.

I likey MUCH. Looks like it’s part of some kinda movie…

Rolfgar and Gertrude fleeing from the mighty powers of the king.

Anyhow, I like it.

Epic stuff you have there.

Actually, if I have time and enthusiasm… It could be part of “some kind of” comic.

I still have the scripts.

Nicely done Exorade. This is going to beat my two entries:)

Musket-Bearing Knights? My kind of soldiers.

"Those damn clone soldiers from the past and their muskets! Don’t worry milady, i’ll bring you back to 2010.

-Who the fuck are you?"


If you want to edit their faces or point out to Age Of Chivalry mod makers that their archer models have only one face, you are more than welcome.

That’s irrelevant.

So is your picture.

It was what we humans call a “joke”.

what are those models from?

The free mod “Age of Chivalry”.

-Templar blade, halberd and the hunters are from Age Of Chivalry.
-The horse, the dog and the knight’s platemail are from Dark Messiah.
-The muskets are from Battlegrounds 2.
-The pistol is from PVKii.
-The swords on the hunters are from Oblivion.