Not able to download custom files from servers.

I recently re-installed Gmod and tried to play online, everytime I join a server it attempts to download the files, then I get in the server and it says server is misconfigured, so I checked to make sure that my options were correct to download custom files, I typed in sv_allowdownload 1 in console to see if that would do anything, made sure Gmod was allowed through my firewall, tried disabling my firewall, also tried restarting/reinstalling Gmod. Any help would be appreciated, kind of stumped here on what to do.

Bump, please help.

cl_allowdownload 1 may help

Thanks for the info, just tried but no luck.


Have you tried joining diffrent servers? If not, the server you might be joining has a non-working FastDL.

Also, check that you have the settings there, these settings should be on by default but there wouldn’t be any harm to double-check if they’re set.
Go to Options>Multiplayer and down to the right, in the dropdown menu, make sure it says “Allow all custom files from server”.

If that doesn’t work, I really don’t know what’s the problem. But that should be it.

I tried a couple different ones, sadly nothing. And it is enabled.