Not able to download

I tried to download Gcombat eXtended via Tortoise svn (which is working fine for all my other addons), but when I made a folder and did “svn checkout”, and put in the svn link, then it gave me this in the text window:

Afterwards, I went back to where I got the link, and then clicked on it. IE said “this webpage requires you to log in”, or something of that nature, but it doesn’t give me any places to type anything at, so I can’t view the folders on the svn page.

Here’s the link I used:

I got it off the GMOD svn wiki page thingy, here:

Is the link outdated? If so, could someone find me a new one? Also, if this is the wrong section, please feel free to move it.

EDIT: no one knows jack shit about this, apparently. how the fuck am I supposed to get GCX if the svn doesn’t work?

Anyone got an answer?