not able to select 'toolgun' or forth weapon slot SWEPS

so i re-installed gmod due to the fact that it kept on screwing up, and when i removed the folder of the “garrysmod” folder in my username folder, and then reinstalled it, then when i opened it up, and i tried to pull out my toolgun, nothing happend, it just stayed at the camera, the only way to pull out the toolgun was by selecting the tool mode, and then when i pulled out a swep, it did work, but then when i put it away, and tried to pull it back out, it wouldent pull out, instead it would just stop at the crossbow, and not go any further, PLEASE HELP!

I hate this. It’s not from the reinstall, but thats all i know. I have it too

I’m getting this problem too. I can’t select the toolgun using the weapon select menu; instead, I have to either bind a key to ‘use gmod_tool’ or select a tool from the Q menu. Hardly ideal.

Why don’y you just use the mouse wheel. I never used the numbers before.

I find it far easier and quicker to use numbers. Workarounds like the scroll wheel don’t fix the problem.
This is only a minor bug though, so I expect i’ll be using the scroll wheel to select things for a while from now…

What I normally do to fix this. Is do a game defragment

first off, i dont have a mouse wheel, i use a laptop, and second off, i dont feel like using a desktop, i have better aim with a laptop, and SL1CHAOS, how do u game defragment?

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NVM i found out how to de-fragment