Not able to turn grass off with grass.on false

So my laptop was able to run rust perfectly with grass off. But at the moment if I typ in grass.on false in the console nothing happens. Anyone who can help me?

I am playing on a Macbook Pro 15"

I noticed while playing today that “grass.on false” didn’t entirely disable ALL of the grass, just some of it.

This sort of thing happened to me also, would be interested to see the fix for it!

Yes I know this but when I enter it in the console NONE of the grass gets disabled. The command does not seem to do anything.

Unless its MEANT to only remove some of the grass, to improve render quality, but still keep a nice look to the game?

Took me two times to turn off the grass when I was playing a few hours ago.

Yes it is meant for this purpose but the command just does not do anything.

Hmm, its very odd, possibly just a game bug?

i saw someone ingame mention this issue also.

I am on mac also and realized that the command does not work for the mac client.
I just edited the config file and changed “grass.on true” to “grass.on false.” It disabled about half the grass, but I noticed a HUGE improvement on performance.

EDIT: I edited out the answer/fix/how to do it, in an effort to get people to USE THE MAC THREAD.

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grass.on FALSE x 3

I’m playing on a MBP 15" as well and I’ve had the same experience. I enter it in, but nothing changes.