Not all Nazi's are bad.

Before this thread starts, I am sorry for the stiff posing, these models were hard and awkward to work with. I think the last picture is by far the best and probably the only reason I’m posting these pictures, and yes, his hand is posed in the last one.

Rate heart if you can see past the stiffness.

I expected a Nazi petting a kitty or something. :mad:

Hes good because he killed their friend?

I expected a remake of that one photo with them petting the kitty. I don’t follow what happened in the screenshots either, does he just kill one of them and spare the rest or what?

I suppose the guy is suffering a lot so he ends his life with a straight bullet to the head and that makes him a good guy and somehow the others don’t do jackshit about it…?


He drops his gun and walks away while the Americans start working on the wounded soldier, they brought him to the sewers for safety from shelling. :frown:

Because healing a wounded man in a filthy sewer is the smart thing to do.

Not all the Wehrmacht even liked the Nazi Reigme. most just fought out of fear/were forced to.

It is when there are bombs coming from above.

I’d prefer to be healed in someone else’s feces(And sterile urine) Than being hit by 50 bombs a second.

is shit sterile?
i doubt that
urine yes,but not shit…or is it?

the bowels contain bacteria(Thousands actually) so not really no.

No. It isn’t. It’s leftovers.

OT: If I had tried that, I would have failed. However, I would fail at everything.

Well thank god some places of war blew out the restrooms though for a lot of reasons. :smiley:
I mean, take a look at Stalingrad.

Hey look triplets!

This sure makes up for all those jews he killed

That was mainly the Gestapo. not the Wehrmacht.

yes they all are
never seen 1 nice nazi

Actually. The nazis worked very hard to be evil. They probably would be offended by this.

There were alot of German soldiers that didn’t really agree with Hitler’s ideas, they were forced to join in fear. There are a few disturbing photos with the Heer.

Long story short, not every German soldier was evil.

The Wehrmacht invaded and took over countries to expand Hitler’s Nazi doctrine and increase the Jewish death count. They facilitated it either way.