[Not allowed by whitelist] Error when trying to create a gma

Hi guys, I’ve been working on a TTT map for some time and I wanted to upload it to the workshop today. So I try to create the .gma file and apparently .txt files are not allowed. The thing is that I need the .txt file for the weapons to spawn in the first place, so the map is unplayable without that file

		[Not allowed by whitelist]

Everything is in the correct folder and the gma actually compiles if I delete the txt file.

The TTT custom weapon script system is meant to be used by server owners to override map’s weapon and player spawns for whatever reasons. If you’re the map creator I see no reason for you not to just place your entities yourself in the map file itself.

can’t you technically embed the txt file into the bsp or will ttt not like that?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to place the weps manually in hammer

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Already tried that with VIDE and it aint workin

txt files aren’t allowed on the workshop. Place the entities in the map, or link to the txt file in the description.

Tbh … I don’t see why .txt files aren’t allowed. Could be useful for gamemodes that require data.

A workaround is to make a script write it. Include this lua file in lua/autorun/server/<mapname>.lua (It runs before the gamemode).

if game.GetMap() ~= "<mapname>" then return end -- Only run when its your map
if file.Exists("ttt/maps/" .. game.GetMap() .. "_ttt.txt","DATA") then return end -- Only run when the file isn't there
local data = [[ Put all the textfile data here ]]
file.Write("ttt/maps/" .. game.GetMap() .. "_ttt.txt",data) -- Write the data