Not allowed by whitelist problem

Ok so even though this error has been probably posted a lot of times none of the answers are useful and i have been stuck in for fucking months,im making a simple crate retexture and its just 2 files a vmt and vtf this is the log:File not allowed by whitelist (GMPU)
File list verification failed
Creation OK!
Finished running queue.
Refreshing addon list.
Retreving list of Addons.
Retrieval Finished!
Executing queue.
Finished running queue.
Executing queue.
Creating addon from C:\Users\sofia\OneDrive\Escritorio\models\props_junk…
Creating temporary addon.json.
Creating temporary gma.
Garry’s Mod Addon Creator 1.1
Looking in folder “C:/Users/sofia/OneDrive/Escritorio/models/props_junk/”
[Not allowed by whitelist]
[Not allowed by whitelist]

.vmt and .vtf files should be placed only in materials folder - you placed them in models folder. Check the rules of addon contents

Alright i will try that but i never thought of doing that since it worked normally on my gmod so lol

Doesnt work,could you tell me the right path to put or smth?

What doesn’t work? I haven’t even seen the path you are using.

Also what is your root folder you are trying to compile? This must include models and materials folder, not be one of them - this should be “C:\Users\sofia\OneDrive\Escritorio”, not “C:\Users\sofia\OneDrive\Escritorio\models\props_junk”.

alright uh my path is on spanish but it should be like this “C:\Users\sofia\OneDrive\Desktop\materials\models\props_junk” i have tried putting the vtf and vmts on the materials folder but the error still appears