Not allowing Clients to execute a command in the console


is it possible to not allow clients to execute a command in the console?

Because there is an exploit with an addon in the pointshop, i dont want to explain more in detail.

Thank you!

No, just block the command for normal users to use, but you can’t restrict console.

And how i can block the command? (it is TTT)

What’s the command? Can you post the code where the command is created?

It is cl_cmdrate 50
when you have now a jumppack from the pointshop you can type this in the console, and you will jump higher, when you increase the number, you can even fly…

This is used for clients to spoof pings, not to jump higher. This thread might help you:

I said, that it will make you jump higher, when you have a jumppack, what did you not understand?
I know that this command is for the packets, which the client sends to the server, but it will make you jump higher with a higher number, when you have a jumppack.

Did you read the thread I linked? You can’t just easily block a default console command.

Have you tried setting these in your server.cfg - this will basically have the minimum/maximum cmdrate that a client can set in your server (use appropriately).

sv_mincmdrate 66
sv_maxcmdrate 66

He could just dissable the console, like run an unbind command for the the console in a think hook
so that there is no way of opening it.

What the hell is wrong with you people.

Just set sv_maxcmdrate and sv_mincmdrate to whatever you want in your server.cfg and all players will be limited to those rates.

Even if he did, it doesn’t stop people from connecting with a higher cmdrate (you can set a cmdrate before you even start the game).

The way i would do it is to go to the jumpack item, and delete the code part
that lets you adjust the jumpheight , can’t get any easier then this