Not Alone - Horror short

Turn up your volume and turn off the lights.

Pretty good, was it entirely effects you used when walking? I’d like the mod for walking around if you could.

Free-aim style effects comes with these Sweps: but yeah, part of the walking is just editing.

It would be better if the map was dark, it wasn’t scary, only like 3 sightings, and too long.

I thought it was great, good job!

Yeah man I actually really enjoyed that, it was unique. Scares weren’t great, but the atmosphere was cool.


Ending was really cool, I liked it alot. You should do some more stuff like this, I created something similiar to this using the same map but its nothing this good, great map to make a horror short on.

That was pretty good.

I know this is going against what other people are saying…
but I didn’t really find it scary or good…
well the ideas been used over and over again, I mean I made something similar, same map, same POV (IE first person) and Jmanbag did it too with third person and first person.
And a lot of other people have done the same thing…

to be honest it dragged on, after I noticed you had walked in a circle, I knew you backtracked to do something similar to the elevator scene…

but on a positive note I like how you simulated the head bob and first person.

but idea,story, and scare tactic wise, I felt like it was sort of a cheap rip off of other videos.

I liked that. I thought it dragged on a bit and could have a little more scariness, but overall 4/5.

Creepy atmosphere. What map is it?

It had beautiful atmosphere, and it was genuinly scary, and not the cheap startle scare, thoguh it seems you were aiming for it.

And the bright flashes in between clips were done nicely, keep it up!

It was 'aight.

This thread is still alive? Anyway, i was aiming for creepy atmosphere, not cheap startle scaring.