Not at home Serious Role play server

The Not at Home clan has recently set up a role play server at this IP

Currently we have a few custom job and a 2nd money printer and a keypad cracker that works at different speeds depending on the class that you are
The server is always having new things added but recommended mods to download are
PC mod
Currently being made and to be added soon is a bank vault system to store your items for when you leave the server and can be retreved when you come back

Also those that come onto the server and say “AVAST!” in chat will get there money set to $2000 if Bobby McFish is on the server.

Current rules of the server:

No prop killing/pushing/surfing/bridging
Have a Valid RP reason for killing someone
There is a new life rule in effect if you die you cannot go back to the same place claiming revenge
If your house is being raided you are aloud to return to your house as soon as you spawn
IF you are wanted cops can break New life rule and still attack you
only 2 keypads per door (one on each side)
Keypads or hidden buttons to be used and must be close to the door
If your home has multiple entrances you can block off all but one entrance

Its DarkRP. Its not serious.

I refer you to the case of:

Learn to roleplay and stop blaming the scripts for how you require an idiotproof enviroment to manage.

I didn’t say no DarkRP servers are serious. I said his wasn’t. You can just tell by reading the text honestly, that his server is just another DarkRP mingefest. Yours would be one of the only good servers I have seen if it sticks to its description.

Oh, fair enough…

…By the way, nice username for someone who defines how serious a server is…

What is with the huge increase in darkrp server advertisements?

I made this name 6 years ago, and all my friends know me by it. Not changing it.

April 2009 6 years ago… Have you been dividing by zero. Also you have skill serious rp were admins build so lols on you.

Did I say I made my facepunch account 6 years ago? No. Learn to read.
Secondly, that is a server to keep the minges away from my HL2-RP server.

I’m sure the social services-guy scratched his head when your parents told him that it would be your name…

If you know hl2-rp then what is the format for a CCA.

Oh lolololololololololololololol. Sorry for the many lols.


CCA.C8-NOVA.SqL.13372 is mine.

Lol Backwards

…You’re not really reinforcing your case on how good you are at defining seriousness…

I agree with this man.

Great, I just got myself involved in senseless bickering…