Not being able to join back to a server after crashing (Until the server restarts)

Hello! I have been having this issue on Gmod since the December 2016 update and for some reason it is quite a weird one, I have tried many different ways to fix it e.g. Verifying cache, checking if gmod is blocked off my security software and just deleting and reinstalling the game. But none of these works as the only way it fixes is by itself. As soon as the server restarts I am able to join back with ease and no problems at all. There is also nothing specific that causes the crash at the start. When the crash happens on the loading screen there is no error messages or anything it just closes itself. I have not seen anyone else with this problem so far and I was looking to see if anyone else was also getting that problem, thanks! and just ask if you need anymore details.

Why is your game crashing