Not being able to load SD_doomsday event?

I realize the Halloween update was released like two years ago but I still wanted to ask if anybody else have any issue in opening the map in Garrys mod? For me, it always crashes to the desktop. I have checked around a bit on the steam forums and it seems nobody can load this map. Could it be that the newer maps are different/incompatible with Garrys mod somehow? All props from the map can be spawned without any issue. This also seems to happen with the two new beta maps. Does anybody know what causes this, if there is a fix or if a future update will fix this?

Basically Valve did something weird with TF2’s engine that gmod doesn’t like a few months back and any maps compiled since then crash. (Doomsday_event is one of those maps compiled later.)

Anything we can do about it?

You could maybe decompile it and recompile it with an older version of Hammer.

Yeah…I have no idea how to do any of that. I just use Garrys mod to do silly youtube-videos, basically.

No silly youtube videos for you then…

Valve has recently added lightmapped static props while also modifying the compilers. GMod’s engine doesn’t support that, so it fails to load. Same should happen while loading rd_asteroid.


Well, thanks for the explanation of what causes the issue at any rate.

I remember reading on the mapping forum, and it does work as I’ve tested it myself, how to take newer source maps and get them into gmod

Basically, decompile the map via bspsource or whatever you prefer. Open up the map’s vmf in notepad++, ctrl+f and find something like func_button. From there you’ll see some weird symbols. High-light it, ctrl+f and go to the replacement tab, replace the weird symbol with , then do it for the entire file. After that, open up the vmf in Hammer, it should be fine, then compile it. After that’s done, slap into to gmod and it’ll load fine

You know what? I´m going to learn how to use these tools to access the map. Question before I start, though; if I get the map working, will it be possible to upload the file to the workshop? Also, is it possible to use hammer from a laptop?

I’m not entirely sure if you can upload it to the Workshop, I’m not sure what Valve’s attitude towards that sort of thing is

You can run Hammer on a laptop, and I have before, but compiling is a pretty intensive process and I’d recommend using a PC instead, as it’s a lot quicker

Okay thanks!
It just seems like a waste to learn how to make the the maps work in Garrys mod if I cannot share it with others. It´s not like I need to make the map work THAT bad. That said, It would be such as shame if none of the future TF2 maps could be used by the public because they are not compatible…

You should be allowed to upload, I don’t think they’ll have a problem with it. When you decompile it a lot of the optimization gets fucked up, it might not be that simple.